Cameron Canada - mofos girl
Cameron Canada
How she was found/recruited:

After Cameron's BF cheated on her while they were on vacation together, she got revenge by making a sex tape with one of his buds. She sucks some mean dick and fucks like a rock star. She's so hot, makes you wonder what the BF was thinkin'?

Age: 19
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bra size: 34 B
Height: 5'0
Weight: 114
Fav position: Doggy

Cameron Canada

Cameron Canada, Lola Milano - Nothing Motivates Me like a Bubble Butt
My bro was doin' dishes and we wuz teasin him about why he had no prob doin the cleaning. Then she whipped out dat ass. Holy hell yes. I would do dishes 4 a year 4 dat ass! We got the girls showin us all da reasons 2 do housework while we took some s...
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68318 views - 1 year ago
Cameron Canada - Let Me See If You Bruised Your Tailbone
Cameron fell off her long board and injuried her tailbone. I offered to massage it, but with a ass like hers, there was no way I wouldn't fuck it.
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209668 views - 2 years ago
Cameron Canada - Naughty Vacation Video!
I was scoping out this chick I know by the pool while on vacation. Her boyfriend wasn't around so I decided to get a closer look and talk to her. It must have been my lucky fucking day because she just got cheated on and needed my cock to get revenge...
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141200 views - 2 years ago
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