Devon Lee - Caucasian
Devon Lee
How she was found/recruited:

Devon got her Mofos Old School acting gig by showing her massive tits, thick ass, and greedy love of big black cock. Her curves are legendary and we were happy to have her show us how she likes to get them bounce.

Age: 38
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bra size: 36DD
Height: 5'3
Weight: 123
Fav position: Piledriver

Devon Lee

Devon Lee, Zoey H. - Vegan My Dick Bitch
Sean's wife Zoey is having her friend Devon over for a vegan dinner. Once at the table, Sean is pissed that there is no meat on his plate and blames Devon for making her wife change things in his house. She tells him to fuck off, which drives him mad...
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47565 views - Dec 07, 2009
Devon Lee - My Motha is Fukin Anotha Brotha
Devon Lee is doing the laundry and finds her daughters cell phone in her pocket. As much as she tries she can't help to snoop around in her daughters things. As she peaks in her daughters phone she receives a picture text message of her daughters boy...
Mofos Old School
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91755 views - Mar 25, 2009