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Melanie Rios
How she was found/recruited:

My little Latina GF is the usual pain in my ass bitching and shit while we get ready to go out. I get her to go sweet on me for some hot fucking instead, and that's how I like her. She lets me leave the camera on ;)

Age: 21
Ethnicity: Latina
Bra size: 32B
Height: 5'3
Weight: 97
Fav position: Doggie

Melanie Rios

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Melanie Rios - Cock Vs. Pussy
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Smoking hot Melanie Rios has a big problem: she loves pussy and cock so much she can't decide which one she likes more. This Columbian teen is so unbelievably hot you'll want to bring her some pussy on a platter before you slide your cock inside her...
2652 views - 3 years ago
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