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Sophia Sutra
How she was found/recruited:

This little hottie ended up at the sluttiest New Year's Eve party of the century (or at least the year). Soon after the countdown she was whipping out her tits and riding whatever cock she could climb onto. Smile for the camera, Sophia!

Age: 24
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bra size: 30A
Height: 5'0
Weight: 106
Fav position: Reverse Cowgirl

Sophia Sutra

Sophia Sutra - Sultry Sutra
Sophia's body is so tight and sweet, no wonder she wants to touch it all day long. She's always had this fantasy of making her own amateur solo porn, so she invited our boi over to get every minute on cam of her playing with her perfect little pussy.
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Sophia Sutra - Cum Before You Go
Sophia had to go out, but she was way too horny to hit the road, so she stripped down and started playing with her wet amateur pussy. She busted out her favorite little pink vibrator and squeezed it between her shapely thighs until she came hard!
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Sophia Sutra - Rainbow Bikini
Sophia got herself a little rainbow bikini to wear around the pool while she bronzed the curves of her tight body. She knew it'd look way better in a pile next to her naked body, so she stripped it off and let a friend film up some amateur solo porn....
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Lexi Swallow, Sophia Sutra - New Years Bash
Every year we ring in a new year, and now its 2011. So how fitting is it that the first thing my friends decide to do is to fuck to celebrate the new year.
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