Tia Cyrus - Latina
Tia Cyrus
How she was found/recruited:

Even after her yoga class, Tia Cyrus still didn't feel limber enough. It's a good thing her man was around to give her some extra exercise. This petite Latina got her fuck on in every position, banging in reverse cowgirl, 69, and even piledriver!

Age: 25
Ethnicity: Latina
Bra size: 32DD
Height: 5'0
Weight: 95
Fav position: Piledriver

Tia Cyrus

Tia Cyrus - Titty-Fucked Yoga Goddess
Tia Cyrus wants her boyfriend to be extra clear about one thing: her tight pussy is dripping wet and ready to fuck. This petite Latina doesn't have to ask twice, because the sight of her big tits and perky nipples are all her man needs to get going.
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