Aliz - Euro
How she was found/recruited:

This Hungarian chick wanted us to film her for the site. We were like, okay, so you're hot and horny, but what makes you special? She goes, in her Euro accent, "My ass fisting." Alright, Aliz, you win this round. Fist away!

Age: 27
Ethnicity: Euro
Bra size: 32A
Height: 5'6
Weight: 117
Fav position: Ass up


Aliz - Sticking It In All the Cracks
Cleaning house gets Aliz so turned on she can't help it. Dude caught her feeling the vibe of her vacuum, and rubbing the hose on her clit. Then she fucked herself with the tube and even slammed her whole fist up to the knuckles in her hungry asshole....
She's A Freak
83 %
78850 views - Mar 26, 2014
Aliz - I'm a Puppet, Fist Me
What ever possessed Aliz to try to fist herself in the pussy, and in the ass is beyond us. All we can say is that its a pervs DELIGHT to have her on our wonderful site and share it with the world.
She's A Freak
91 %
22819 views - Nov 15, 2010
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