Ashli Ames - Caucasian
Ashli Ames
How she was found/recruited:

We wuz havin a surprise b-day party 4 our best girl an brought out the fun bowl wit all da guys names. We passed dat around an told all da girls 2 pick a name an dats who dey would b playin wit. Things got crazy, yo.

Age: 29
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bra size: 34D
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125
Fav position: Cowgirl

Ashli Ames

Ashli Ames - Dildo Love
Ashli shows us her talent playing with two big dildos at same time, She gets one of them deep inside her pussy while the other vibrates hard against her clit taking her to a stunning orgasm.
She's A Freak
91 %
23892 views - Jan 26, 2012
Ashli Ames, Dynasty - Happy Fucking Birthday!
So it's Dynasty's birthday and the party was something else! Classic surprise party situation. Got all of our friends together for an amazing time for an amazing girl. Fucking, sexy too. An in true form, she and five others got down to their birthday...
Real Slut Party
91 %
130567 views - Aug 23, 2011
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