Eveline Dellai - Euro
Eveline Dellai
How she was found/recruited:

The look in Eveline Dellai's eye when a stranger asked to see her tits definitely gave her away. This European hottie has a naughty streak. It only took a hand full of cash to convince Eveline to slide down her jeans to have her wet pussy pounded.

Age: 24
Ethnicity: Euro
Bra size: 32D
Height: 5'3
Weight: 96
Fav position: Doggystyle

Eveline Dellai

Eveline Dellai - Stranded Hottie's Wild Ride
When dude sees Eveline Dellai standing on the side of the highway in her classy outfit, he pulls the car over to pick up this stranded hottie. Eveline is so thankful for the life that she decides live life on the wild side and fuck a stranger!
Stranded Teens
90 %
69973 views - May 11, 2016
Eveline Dellai - Euro Chick Flashes Ass for Cash
Eveline Dellai jumped at the chance to make extra cash in just one minute flat. All she has to do was flash her perky butt and wet pussy. But this hot Euro babe doesn't stop there. She goes all the way, having her tight twat pounded to perfection!
Public Pickups
93 %
140232 views - Apr 15, 2016
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