Jandi Jennis - Asian
Jandi Jennis
How she was found/recruited:

My actress GF got home from a stressful day filming this show and needed some dick to relax. She just loves to perform for the camera. When I was done fucking her tight ass, I told her releasing sex tapes is how everyone gets famous. You're welcome!

Age: 32
Ethnicity: Asian
Bra size: 34C
Height: 5'7
Weight: 112
Fav position: Butterfly Anal

Jandi Jennis

Jandi Jennis - Jandi Tastes Just Like Candy
When my woman Jandi gets home from her stressful acting job for TV she always wants a solid fuck to calm her nerves. Today she needed a little extra, so she spread her cheeks wide the fuck open and let me stick my dick in there for her first anal.
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