Jazy Berlin - Caucasian
Jazy Berlin
How she was found/recruited:

This chick's boyfriend gave us a tape she made for him when he was out of town. She's seriously hot, so we tracked her down (she's single now, bros!). Those titties are too good not to be in porn. Yeeaaah.

Age: 28
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bra size: 34DD
Height: 5'9
Weight: 125
Fav position: Missionary

Jazy Berlin

Jazy Berlin - An Unexpected Load!
Today, I meet the girl of my dreams in my studio for a photo shoot. She's so hot and amazing; I went repeatedly in the dressing room to film quick shots of her beautiful body which I was dying to touch. Then I finally got my way with her; Shame on me...
Pervs On Patrol
91 %
195181 views - Feb 19, 2010
Jazy Berlin - Tasty Breakfast
Here's the Part 2 of the videos I made with my ex. This one was made right after my business trip and after a long night of fucking, I needed to catch up on some well needed rest. She wanted to bring me breakfast in bed... Man was she tasty !
I Know That Girl
92 %
120976 views - Jan 20, 2010
Jazy Berlin - IN & OUT BB
My ex GF was a hot little bunny!! Here's a video she made me when I was on business trip!! I guess she missed me a lot! What a whore she was!
I Know That Girl
81 %
103889 views - Dec 16, 2009
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