Jeanie Marie Sullivan - Caucasian
Jeanie Marie Sullivan
How she was found/recruited:

I was following my sexy neighbor down to the beach with my camera to catch a peak and the hot ho was super horny and wanted to fuck!!! Who am I to stop that shit?? I had heard she was slutty but dayumm!!! Best day ever.

Age: 28
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bra size: 34A
Height: 5'3
Weight: 110
Fav position: Doggy

Jeanie Marie Sullivan

Jeanie Marie Sullivan, Kara Price - Fuck Salad, Ladies, Get Some Meat in Ya!
These hot skanks were out eating salads. Fuck that we said! Come on by and let us serve you some man meat. They were happy enough to eat everything we put in front of their mouths. Bois' cocks got wolfed down and then they savaged those pussies.
Real Slut Party
68 %
41045 views - Apr 16, 2013
Jeanie Marie Sullivan - Naked on the Beach
I heard rumors about my neighbor taking trips to a secluded part of the beach and going skinny dipping. I invented a bullshit excuse of bringing my camera to film the birds, so I can pop out of know where and surprise her and film her at the same tim...
Pervs On Patrol
84 %
59526 views - May 12, 2011
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