Kylee Moore - Caucasian
Kylee Moore
How she was found/recruited:

This little slut came to the tattoo parlor with her equally skanky friends. They were doing stunts to get free tatts, showing their nice tits and sucking the artists' cocks on the tables. Holy smokes, this slut had a nice rack, and sucked cock like a pro.

Age: 20
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bra size: 34B
Height: 5'5
Weight: 112
Fav position: Cowgirl

Kylee Moore

Kylee Moore, Penelope Stone - Tits for Tatts
All these horny-ass sluts on a fucking rampage in the tattoo parlor. They wanted free stuff, and sucked and fucked all the guys in the shop to get what they wanted. Their orgy didn't stop til they'd fucked all the eligible guys in there, and cum over...
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