Ria Rodriguez - Euro
Ria Rodriguez
How she was found/recruited:

When you got a fit body like Ria's, with a ghetto booty thick enough to sink your teeth into, you gotta show it tot he world. Our bois met this ho in the club, and when she found out we made porn, begged for a chance to star in one of her own.

Age: 20
Ethnicity: Euro
Bra size: 32B
Height: 5'3
Weight: 114
Fav position: Doggy

Ria Rodriguez

Ria Rodriguez - Sneaky Quickie
Ria likes to mix things up and keep it fresh with some outdoor fucking. She went with a rando fuckbuddy to the park, and they found a secluded spot for him to shove a fat cock in her lovely, soft buns of pleasure until she came all over his rod.
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42935 views - Jul 27, 2013
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