Rosalinda - Euro
How she was found/recruited:

It can't get any easier picking up the sluts on the streets if Prague. Dude cast his net and picked up this hottie on the street. A couple Crowns and his sweet-talking had her flashing those big tits in the park, and taking his dick like a real pro.

Age: 21
Ethnicity: Euro
Bra size: 32D
Height: 5'4
Weight: 106
Fav position: Doggystyle


Rosalinda - Prague Pussy's the Best Pussy
In Prague, the hunt for pussy continues! Dude sent us a sex tape with this horny hairdresser. He offered Rosalinda a few bucks to show off her body, and got a peek at the sweetest, roundest tits, before banging this amateur slut in the park.
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105087 views - Dec 24, 2013
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