Sharon Lee - Asian
Sharon Lee
How she was found/recruited:

Some absolute genius knew Sharon Lee would be fucking amazing on screen and put together a video of this sexy French-speaking Asian getting fucked in her mega tight pussy and ass. This chick's the tits.

Age: 26
Ethnicity: Asian
Bra size: 36C
Height: 5'7
Weight: 121
Fav position: Ass up

Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee - Poolside Booty Pounding
Sharon Lee asked her man to rub some oil on her back, but as you can see he got fixated rubbing it into her juicy ass. He wanted to get into that booty so bad! His fingers between her legs turned her on so bad, she let him have her first anal fuck!
Lets Try Anal
93 %
105601 views - Mar 14, 2014
Sharon Lee - Asians Are Tight Especially In The Asshole
Sharon is having fun in the kitchen with her boyfriend. She makes us realize how tight Asians are and how amazing it is that she takes a dick in her asshole so easily. You think it has anything to do with the fact that she was born in France?
Mofos World Wide
93 %
98957 views - Feb 11, 2011
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