Suzie - Euro
How she was found/recruited:

Suzie and her bff Leigh Rose were partying with some friends, and nothing gets the party started like fucking in a jacuzzi! They took turns with the cocks, swapping dudes like sexy swingers, and then took two cumshots while lounging in the hot tub!

Age: 22
Ethnicity: Euro
Bra size: 32C
Height: 5'7
Weight: 117
Fav position: Missionary


Suzie, Zelda - Aida and Suzie Bang in the Jacuzzi
Leigh Rose and Suzie were partying hard, and you know what happens when Euro babes start partying: they need cock! They took turns sucking and fucking two different dicks, riding them hard in the hot tub and then cumming hard while they rose them!
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