Mandy - Caucasian
How she was found/recruited:

Mandy's been working hard serving beverages all night, and wants to share her tits, I mean tips, with you. It's fortunate her uniform slips off but her tie stays on. She keeps putting the bottles away in the wrong place. Silly Mandy. Put those ice cubes b

Age: 34
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bra size: 34DD
Height: 5'7
Weight: 121
Fav position: Standing


Mandy - After Shower Power Hour
I got lucky when I found a super hot roommate online. She's been driving me crazy for months; teasing whenever she went from the shower to her bedroom. We fooled around once so I figured I'd stash a camera in her room to catch her after a shower. She...
Pervs On Patrol
91 %
94379 views - Jun 23, 2011
Mandy - Working Hard For A Tip
Satiable Mandy and her beautiful blonde hair and big tits billows her way into masturbating in her little bow tie and big M.A Signature Bottle. Gaze as she climaxes to a wonderful cocktail of female pleasure.
She's A Freak
79 %
22644 views - Jun 06, 2011
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